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Nice Men Manifesto

Eso texto en español (sin fotos e peliculas de putaría): Manifiesto de los Hombres de Calidad, (en lo Para Hombres de Calidad y Mujeres Verdaderas en Wordpress) o (en lo Para Hombres de Calidad y Mujeres Verdaderas en Blogger)
This text in English (without sex pics and movies, at A Vez das Mulheres at Thumblogger): Nice Men Manifesto ,
Texto original em português (sem fotos e vídeos de putaria, no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam): Manifesto dos Homens que Prestam,

01 - We know that moral and ethical principles is much more than condemn miniskirts.

02 - We follow the principle of treating others as we would like to be treated.

03 - We look for ethics and honesty.

04 - We're not macho, nor we feel superior just because we're men.

05 - We really believe that woman is not only for sex.

06 - We find absurd that a woman is discriminated, beaten or killed because they did not want to be a sly sexually repressed religious woman that does not leave home.

07 - Even in the most absurd macho tyranny, we have always treated women would we like to be treated.

08 - Often we are atheists, but even if we have a religion, our ethics is not based on hells and holy books.

09 - We believe that women should have the right to be treated with respect and equality, not being damaged when they don't damage anyone.

10 - We will not deny that we have preferences in physical type of woman, but we do not discriminate a woman because she's not one of our preferences, especially if she has a good head.

11 - We are ready to give pleasure to a woman in bed and beyond.

12 - But we're not valued, especially a few decades back here the women are celebrated only because they are women while we have to be ashamed only because we are men.

13 - Women seem to think that treat them well makes us stupid, slack and less men.

14 - Women seem to think that if we have ethical principles it means that we are suckers.

15 - For women, a poor nice man is worse than any macho playboy daddy's boy who has a nice car.

16 - The same woman who defied her parents at 15 or 16 years to be with some good-for-nothing does not touch us or stay alone with us in the name of morality or because her rough husband.

17 - When a woman is unsuccessful in love relationships because they ignored us and get involved with one or more scoundrels, we have to hear them say that no man is good.

18 - We're twice invisible: the first women treat us as if we were asexual, or as we do not exist, then they look at us seeing the junk that they chased until then.

19 - We passed up the 25 or 30 years without having had sex outside the brothel, or still virgins, when some lady failed in relationships and bellied is showing interest in us because she need a male provider for her and her 2 or 3 children each one of a different father and no longer interests to those who fucked her in their youth.

20 - If our girlfriend is a hottie, she or at least everyone we know treat us as if we must to pay promise just because we have her at hand even though she is a mole, vain, hysterical and manipulative.

21 - If our girlfriend is a unmarried ugly woman, she or at least everyone we know treat us as if we were lucky that she give us attention.

22 - We and all men are remembered in the International Women's Day as backward, with prejudice, wife beaters, rapists, murderers and especially as the breed of incompetent stalkers who should leave the stage for women to enter and repair the world.

23 - We are sent to the Police Station for Women for whatever hysterical imbecile woman that takes herself very seriously and would not betray a semi-literate and possessive bastard fellow who beats her often.

24 - The society is in the 21th century when is about giving rights for women, but remains of the 19th century for us, because the man still has to pay the account of the evening, take all the initiative to approach a woman, etc.

25 - We're almost giving up searching for a woman who deserves our admiration for being a true woman to consider like water in the desert any woman less bad than the mediocrity that gives us something that looks like attention and respect.

26 - We want to not be treated as sicks, less mature or of worse character just because they do not want to pretend we're neutered.

27 - We want true women, who talk with us things that are profitable.

28 - We want our sexuality is not used by women as a toy or as a means for them make their life.

29 - We want men in general to stop exalting any mediocre woman without any content just because she has a beautiful body, so that women stop think they can be idiots, alienated, petty, sordid and narcissistic.

30 - We want to be treated with the respect they seek to deserve.

Written with the help of several nice men, organized by Abigail Pereira Aranha

See the True Women Manifesto (at A Vez das Mulheres at Thumblogger or at Paraíso Concreto)

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