martedì 7 ottobre 2008

This woman is so different, does she have something wrong?

Abigail Pereira Aranha
Folks, I'm not like the women I know and many people know. Many people who know me personally think I'm a little crazy. Most men who are now my friends were frightened me at first (they found me glad, but they scared when I grabbed them). There are people who do not know me personally and read what I write believing even that I am a man.
But you know what's the problem? It is because of that some men and especially women think and do...
  1. If the woman is not a repressed moralistic, she is a bitch, if she is not a prostitute.
  2. If the woman does not shoos men, she fucks with any man. If the woman does not fuck with any man and does not fuck with a certain man, she has to have some hidden intention. If she fucks and has no hidden intention, this man is her husband.
  3. If the woman is not emotionally dependent on boors, she snubs men.
  4. If the woman does not like to exhibit her body, she has to be old or ugly body.
  5. If the woman is not an asexual, she is a shameless hussy freak.
  6. If the woman likes to see a naked man, she is ill.
  7. If the woman shows she enjoys sex when young lady, she will turn a bitch. If she is older, she was badly fucked.
  8. If the woman takes the initiative of approaching a man, she is just being kind and she is not flirting. If she is really flirting, she is taking revenge of her love.
  9. If the woman is not against prostitution and does not condemn those looking for a prostitute, she is a prostitute. If she is not a prostitute, she is a bitch or wants to be.
  10. If the woman does not have little self-worth, she has to be a lesbian who thinks she is hottie.
  11. If the woman is not false and hypocritical, she is vulgar and foul-mouthed.
  12. If the woman is not vain, she has to be married and have children.
  13. If the woman is not alienated, she is arrogant.
  14. If the woman is not macho, she must be a feminist abortionist lesbian.
And I'm one of the very rare exceptions. I am an atheist, so what Christian morality says women should be or do to me has no value. I do not wear makeup or jewelry (jewelry even less, because I am poor), or enamel. I hate soap opera, I do not like to watch TV and I have a horror of gossip. I say some things I have seen and I think without much rodeo, sometimes even a foul-mouthed way. I'm 17 and I grabbed a lot of guys (about three and a half years over here) and I intend to continue grabbing. I interchange pictures and videos of sex and naked men on the internet. And I'm not a feminist because I think that women do not have more value than men and the nice men have many problems.
I've been told that what I am worths more than beauty (and as I disguise myself in the street, some tell me I'm a babe only after I have sex with them). And that is why many men like me and are my friends.
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