giovedì 29 maggio 2008

Do you have something against prostitutes?

Abigail Pereira Aranha
The 02 of June is the International Day of the Prostitute, named after a protest of prostitutes who invaded a church in France. See: 1975, June 2: International Day of the Prostitute. Available at <>. For the average women and some men, the prostitute is a miserable wretch, a woman of worst character, a woman who likes very much sex (and therefore, presumably of lower value) or some sort of evil incarnate.
Saying that prostitution and fornication are the source of venereal diseases is a religious, not medical, judgement. At best, they are possible means of transmission as marital sex itself is, but they are not the source. This view does not consider the venereal diseases as diseases to be prevented, cured and fought, but as God's punishment on those who refuse to reduce their sex lives to an obligation between two people that God has joined together for this (or rather, the church and the notary joined together) and to be afraid to try the "pleasures of the flesh" without the supposed safety of having only one partner little "used". Imagine how it would be funny, in the seriousness of the case, an unmarried and chaste Christian young woman receiving a blood transfusion infected with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Funniest would still see how a Christian will explain how the wise and omniscient God gives to a holy woman the punishment of a woman who "fucks with everyone".
What's the problem, after all, to regulate prostitution? It would help the pimps and traffickers of women? These are so much interested in that as drug traffickers in drug legalization: their activity already goes well without it. It would encourage prostitution, as if a virgin marry was the highest quality for a woman? No. Regulating the prostitution would be to acknowledge that prostitution exists and give legal guarantees to prostitutes. That would offend a hypocritical society, "clean" women (those that take two showers a day) and the Puritans who tremble in fear of God's justice.
But let's admit that having and liking to have, or dreaming to have, a pleasant sex life, varied in number of partners and forms, without perversions, is really is the worst level of personal quality for a woman. There are prostitutes who dream of having a husband like any "decent" woman (the one that does not steal, does not blow in the square, ...), and forget the "life". Many prostitutes would not be prostitutes if life had left them another choice. Out prostitutes kept in captivity, taken there by traffickers who promised another quite different and better job.
On second thought, if a prostitute is a woman who has sex for money, the vast majority of prostitutes had never been in the "red light district". And the father of old times who chose his daughter's husband looking at the family and at the money of the boy (or not so young man) was full of the latest and jerk moralism, but, who knew, he was doing his daughter a prostitute. A woman having a poor husband is not uncommon, but it is rare a woman having not attraction to a man with money, or whose type is associated with a sound financial position. The older man likely is more well off. Soccer player wins a lot. The famous kitten is rich. But so what? The girl who wants a rich husband is better than a prostitute? This sometimes speaks she wants her husband rich, beautiful, caring and with that detail great, but would not be that what matters most is money? The woman who has an affair with a wealthy man much older is better than a prostitute? A woman who wants to be supported by her husband is better than a prostitute? The woman who gets pregnant to hold a man is better than a prostitute?
The decent woman thinks her body is like a car, that the less use and the less owners, the more it worths, she fucks or fail to fuck to hold the honey, she loves to show off her pretty body to show that she's too hot to have sex with any hot kitty, she has sex as she goes to the electric chair, when she does not fuck to get something, she does not fuck for stupid macho moralism, she has sex strike to manipulate her husband, after she marries, she becomes a unfriendly ugly woman and her poor husband does not wide just to not lose half of he joined in divorce. The sometimes prostitute is attractive, but even when she is not she makes a good sex, does not make charges, does not require commitment to sex, she is always willing while the record, she does not hold a man with child, she does not sex strike. How many clients of prostitutes are married? How many clients of prostitutes have "honest" wives? It is another discussion on jealous married men who want to reduce the lives of their wives at home environment, their children and perhaps to work outside the home while they themselves seem they want to "get" all the attractive women in the world. But the "honest" woman (the one that does not steal, does not blow in the square, ...) is bad in sex. And for this woman, the prostitute and the "whore" are competitors, the materialization of sex she abhors. They are "respectable" women, who deals with sex with disgust and hypocrisy and the "respectable" man, who has a reputation to appear before a society so hypocritical as him who discriminate against and attack prostitutes.
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