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A naked woman will ever be punished?

Abigail Pereira Aranha


Christians say that pornography is a sign of the depravity of our society. But doing this, they, first, demonstrate more their own horror to sex for a contradictory, irrational and degrading mentality than a supposed abundance of lust, as if sexuality itself, and not the unwise exercise of it, was problematic. Second, they try to prove a point using a proof to the contrary. After all, if in pornography women are uninhibited and sex looks good, and it sounds artificial, it proves to us, as if he did not already know, that men and women meeting in normal situations and having a intercourse that is good for them is not an everyday thing.

Some Christians have doubts like if is possible a pure friendship (read "no sex") between men and women1 or if it is a sin to go to the motel with the spouse2. While any naturality of the Christian about sex is hypocrisy, before the non-reactionary or before oneself, the vilification that the Christian does of sex is sincere, less his lack of consistency with oneself (let us note that even today the term "purity" is used as antonym of sexuality).

But it's also funny that we never see anyone of that group that advocates sexual freedom of women hinting that making a pornographic material is a sign of women's liberation. They also accuse any ads with a woman wearing bikini to be sexist objectification of the female body. And the Christian moralists say this is trivialization of the female body and of the sex.

Oh, and why girlie magazine has to be prohibited for under 18? I already took girlie magazine to my colleagues from college and they never said anything bad. OK, I prefer naked men, but who said that another woman can not see even the cover of girlie magazine ahead? The boys will like a woman's body well-shaped, but for the girls not so young or so beautiful, friendliness and seeming to like cock also breaks the branch.

I will show some cases of women who have paid for the crime of nudity.

Priscila Cabral, flight attendant. Brazil, 2001

TAM dismisses flight attendant who took naked photos for paying school


by Folha Online

One year after being fired by TAM, the flight attendant Priscila Cabral joined forces to tell her story to the public. The flight attendant was fired after her co-workers found that before entering the TAM she had taken pictures naked and had been cover of an erotic magazine.

"I faced a period of depression and only now I decided to tell my story. I accepted it quiet this period but I decided to clear my name."

Priscila said she only agreed to take the pictures because she was with the tuition of the preparatory course for commissioners in late and thus she could not provide the DAC (Department of Civil Aviation) entrance examination.

"I did not the photos to promote myself. It was a matter of necessity. I had to pay the course or give up the dream of being commissioner."

With the cache of R$ 650 received in 1999, Priscila paid the late fees, passed the exams and shortly after she was hired by TAM. She says that her work began to stand out as soon as she entered the airline.

"I received many compliments and I started doing a series of works related to the prevention of accidents in aircraft."

For Priscila, his resignation was motivated precisely by the success of her career. "If I was not being so recognized, the case would have gone unnoticed."

The advice of the TAM reported that Priscila was dismissed because there was a request of the working group of which she was part. According to a spokesperson, the group felt "morally offended" by the photos that came out in the magazine.

But Priscila denies that this has occurred. "My colleagues are afraid of being laid off. But I was told that it was the head that asked for my head."

Priscila was not the first commissioner of TAM to undress for an erotic magazine. Another employee of the company has already posed for Playboy. The difference is that in this case the commissioner was already employee of TAM. Still, there was no punishment for the employee.

TAM reported that there are rules of conduct to be followed by staff of the direct care to the public. The rules determine from the neck of the blouses and length of the skirts to the hairstyle and color of nails and makeup of the flight attendants.

The president of the National Union of Aeronauts, Graziella Baggio, said she did not even know what to say about the case of Priscila. "It's the first time I hear a story like this. I can not opine whether it is right or wrong."

Priscila said that after the resignation, she found barriers to finding jobs in other airlines. "When they discovered the reason for my resignation, no one wanted to hire me. There is still a lot of prejudice."

Despite all the embarrassment, Priscila does not intend to sue the airline.

"I still want to return to the aviation and such action would not facilitate my life. All I want to show is that, in any moment, I ran away from airline conduct standards."

Since November, Priscila works as a teacher at a preparatory school for commissioners.

Folha Online, February 18, 2002,

Fabíola Rodrigues, civil servant. Brasília, 2004

Striptease cause embarrassment in ministry

A striptease caused embarrassment in the Ministry of Agriculture. A female employee of the board took pictures in erotic poses as a sensual photo session.

According to the newspaper O Globo, the photo session ended distributed by e-mail. Photos of Fabíola Rodrigues Santos da Silva, 18, were taken in one of the Ministry of Agriculture offices.

Minister Roberto Rodrigues had opened an inquiry to investigate who is responsible for the photo session. The room 940-A, in which were made the photos, is on the 9th floor, above the minister's office.

On site, work two direct aides of the second strongman of the ministry, the executive secretary José Amauri Dimarzio. Fabiola until last week worked in the protocol section, hired by a company that provides administrative services to the ministry.

On Thursday, she was away and yesterday decided to quit. There is no date for when the investigation will be completed. Employees who work on the floor should be called to give evidence.

Fabiola entered the ministry in November 2003 as an intern. She worked in pest control section until mid-2003, when she was transferred to the protocol. In January, she was hired as an assistant by the contractor Federal Service, but she did not change her function. She earned R$ 480.

Portal Terra, June 22, 2004,,,OI329600-EI1194,00.html.

F. F., university student. Marília (São Paulo), 2006

A sexual photo causes turmoil in a college

Military Police had to escort student whose images were posted on Orkut

Chico Siqueira



The university student F. F., 24, a Law student in the Teaching Foundation Eurípedes Soares da Rocha, in Marilia, São Paulo, had to be removed with police protection from inside her classroom after intimate pictures of her were placed on the Internet.

In the images, that were sent by email and were available in the social networking site Orkut and blogs, F., daughter of a well-known lawyer of the region, appears having sex with two men. The photos, posted even in the school canteen, were placed on the internet with electronic addresses and telephone numbers of the girl and her boyfriend.

In less than 24 hours, over 10,000 messages against the two were recorded on Orkut. After the disclosure, the university student, family, friends and her boyfriend (who does not appear in the pictures) have been target of offenses by phone, email and even personally.

On the evening of Wednesday, when entering the school, F. began to be threatened by colleagues from various courses, which formed groups outside the classroom. With offenses and shouting, they created turmoil in the schoolyard.

One of the teachers locked the student in the room to avoid her to be attacked and called the Military Police. The police arrived in five cars and were forced to use pepper spray to break the tumult, which came to suspend classes in college. The girl had to be removed and driven by MPs to a vehicle so she could leave the site.


Yesterday, no one wanted to talk about this subject in college, but an employee of the marketing sector, who identified herself as Ana, said the foundation should not take any action "because it is a particular case." By the early evening, O Estado de São Paulo had not received any official notice, which had been promised by the teaching institution.

The girl's family managed to pull off the photos from the web on Saturday and has slopes from whom released them. A friend of the girl said that her father will prosecute those responsible for the dissemination of images for libel, defamation, violation of privacy, illegal constraint and threat.

O Estado de São Paulo, April 18, 2006,

Sex photo on the Web is mounting, says university student

The university student F. F., 24, said yesterday in a statement to the Civil Police of Pompéia, in the interior of the state of São Paulo, that the photos published on the Internet, where she appears having sex with two boys, are mounting.

The disclosure of the images at the university where the girl studies in Marília (SP), caused embarrassment and humiliation scenes for the student among peers, and she had to leave the site escorted by police last week.

The delegate Válter Bettio, who took the statement, said that there is already a suspect of having released the photos. According to him, the girl said she knew the boys who appear in the images, but she denied that she had sex with them. He also stated that she intends to return to classes at the university.

Portal Terra, April 21, 2006,,,OI972295-EI306,00.html.

Tericka Dye, teacher. Paducah (Kentucky, USA), 2006

Teacher is suspended from school due to participating in a porn movie

Tericka Dye, a Science teacher and coach of the volleyball team at Reidland High School, in the city of Paducah, USA, was suspended from school because she took part in a pornographic film about 10 years ago.

The school administrators, who discovered the film last week, said that the teacher, who taught at the site two years ago, no longer need to return to teaching.

Students and parents attended a meeting with the presence of Tericka Dye where they were informed of the case. Some students supported the teacher.

Associated Press, via Portal Terra, May 4, 2006,,,OI990636-EI294,00.html.

Chen Dan, TV presenter. China, 2006

Naked, not

Chen Dan, celebrated TV presenter of the "Women's Channel", female program aired by TV at Changsha, capital of Hunan, was dismissed from the post for having posed naked (without anything appearing, by the way) in an announcement on women's health to a local hospital. "Smart girls love themselves above all" was the motto of the ad displayed not only on TV but on the city streets on billboards and posters. Chen appears in it covering her breasts with her hand in versions alone or accompanied with models.

It turns out that the show's producers did not like this intelligent chat and fired the girl saying that the naked woman hurt the image of the station.

Chen (aside) even tried to apologize saying, in an open letter, that her intentions were the best and that the nudity was to draw public attention to an important issue as women's health. She did not convince.

But the episode caused huge furor in the amazing territory of the Chinese Internet, with noisy squabbles about nudity being appropriate or not to draw attention to great causes or if it is a low and free resource. Last year, the country had the same discussion when actresses used nude photos covering their breasts for a campaign about breast cancer.

In a country where people go wearing pajamas to the grocery store to buy and where to take snot and spit loudly in public are not seen as overtaking limits, it remains curious all this fuss about the nudity.

I imagine the revolutionary power of a transmission of parades of Rio's samba schools here in China...

Gilberto Scofield Jr., No Oriente (In the East), June 28, 2006,

Michelle Manhart, official in US Air Force. USA, 2007

American military is lowered due to posing nude

An official of the US Air Force was lowered in position for posing nude for Playboy magazine in the February issue. Michelle Manhart went from sergeant to senior soldier in the Air National Guard, a position she held previously.

"I am disappointed with the corporation. They were too far away," she said. Manhart said she lodged a request for removal to the National Guard, according to Sky News.

The military who has 30 years, mother of two children, appears in six pages of Playboy. She was photographed wearing military uniform and holding weapons, with title "tough love". On the following pages, she appears partially dressed in military identification cards while working. Following, she is completely naked.

When the pictures became known in January, she was away from its activities until the end of investigation. Manhart joined the Air Force in 1994 and served in Kuwait in 2002.

Portal Terra, February 15, 2007,,,OI1413319-EI8141,00.html.

Thaísa Viana, high school student. Ipatinga (Minas Gerais), 2007

Photos of Cicarelli from Ipatinga (Thaísa Viana), caught in a "micareta"

The reckless action of a student from Ipatinga, in the Steel Valley, Minas Gerais, sparked controversy on the Internet this week. Since last Tuesday, a community created on the social networking site Orkut, with pictures of her having sex with a boy, feeds the gossip in town and in the World Wide Web. The incident occurred in the Micareta held in the city Ipatinga on the night of Friday to Saturday. In the community created with her name, as if it were by the student herself, are three photos. In one of the photos, the two appear together and she with her pants down, being watched by curious.

According to information from residents, the family would have taken the girl to Belo Horizonte due to embarrassment. The "Cicarelli from Ipatinga" would be a student of a traditional school in the town.

(Os Populares,

"Imagine how was the mother of the girl seeing the pictures? There was even a female friend who kept sending messages to the girl's cell just to annoy her."

("Cicarelli de Ipatinga (Thaise Viana), flagrada tirando sarro no meio da micareta", Trankera Blog, August 31, 2007,

Other cases

The lineswoman Ana Paula Oliveira, according to the president of the National Arbitration Commission, Sérgio Corrêa, is not discriminated against for having posed for Playboy (July 2007). The president of the São Paulo Football Federation mentioned scale her in second division games to test reaction of the people3. Her removal from the first division occurred about a month before she accept the proposal by Playboy4. Even at the time, the president of the Arbitration Commission of the CBF, Edson Rezende, said in an interview with SporTV channel: "I think that professionally this will not add anything. A public person should avoid some behaviors. But it is a right that she has. It is a good money"5.


Has some Christian been fired or humiliated for participating in the campaign "Who loves waits"? Had some Christian ever been afraid to go out with that shirt that says "Chastity: God wants, you can"? It's not a crime to market an obscene object (art. 234 of the Criminal Code), while mock someone for their religious beliefs is also crime (art. 208)? But are the Christians who are persecuted, by men and by demons.

But we had that case in China, that is Communist. A moralistic censorship to an advertising campaign that perhaps would be tolerated here. Prohibit nude breasts in a Christian country still has the excuse (by Christian) of morality. But what about a Communist country, which says itself atheist?

Why the woman who made naked photos or videos can not be anything else, as a flight attendant, public servant, teacher, or even a college student? Why the flight attendant, the civil servant, the teacher, or the college student can not take pictures naked or have a home video having sex with two at once? Reactionary Christians and leftists, can you combine to only one to attack the naked women and the other to defend?

While the world of porn is fantasy, the world of sexual repression is real, and is not only in the historical past.

1 "Existe amizade puríssima entre homem e mulher?" (There is very pure friendship between men and women?)

2 José Adelson de Noronha. "Ir ao motel com o marido é pecado?" (Going to the motel with her husband is a sin?) Verbo Eterno, August 20, 2007,

3 "Ana Paula não é discriminada, diz Corrêa (Presidente da Arbitragem CBF)" (Ana Paula is not discriminated against, says Correa - President of the CBF Arbitration).

4 "Entenda a saga da bandeirinha Ana Paula de Oliveira" (Understand the saga of the lineswoman Ana Paula de Oliveira). Folha Online, July 7, 2007, 69.shtml.

5 "Chefe da arbitragem da CBF diz reprovar decisão de bandeirinha de posar nua" (Head of arbitration in CBF says he disapprove lineswoman's decision to pose nude). Folha Online, June 27, 2007,

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